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Know More Publishing was founded in 2015 as a publisher of short, informative e-books, and our first project was a series of books entitled “PhD Knowledge”. These books are intended to help all those who are working on or considering starting doctoral study.

Starting Your PhD

Dr Helen Kara

Published: September 2015

Starting Your PhDFREE ON ALL PLATFORMS! This concise e-book answers all the key questions people ask when they’re considering, or beginning, doctoral study. Presented in an accessible question-and-answer format, and packed with facts, it is easy to read and to find your way around. Whether you’ve recently started your doctoral study, you’re still wondering whether doctoral study is for you, or you are supporting someone else through the process, this book will help. It is full of useful information and guidance for the early stages of this exciting new adventure.

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Gathering Data For Your PhD

Dr Helen Kara

Published: November 2015

Gathering Data For Your PhDYou can’t do research without data. But what kind of data will help you answer your research question? Where can you find that data? And how much data do you need? If you’re doing doctoral research, particularly in the social sciences, arts, or humanities, this book will help you answer those questions. It offers an overview of traditional and innovative methods of gathering quantitative, qualitative, secondary and primary data. The book also outlines the pros and cons of devising your own method of gathering data, and lists a range of resources for further exploration of the methods that interest you most.

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Analysing Data For Your PhD

Dr Helen Kara

Published: January 2016

Analysing Data For Your PhDAnalysing data is perhaps the most demanding stage of research – and certainly the least visible. This concise e-book demystifies the process by explaining the principles and practice of good quality data analysis. It describes the key quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as creative and mixed methods, and offers guidance on how to choose suitable methods for your research. The book emphasises the need for robust and rigorous analysis, and aims to enable you to draw clear lines from your data, through your findings, to your conclusions.

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Writing Your PhD

Dr Helen Kara

Published: March 2016

Writing Your PhDWhen people sign up for doctoral study, they don’t always realise that in the process they need to write a book. The doctoral thesis or dissertation is the length of an average paperback. Even people studying for a professional doctorate, or a PhD by publication, need to write the equivalent of a short literary novel. Writing so much can be a daunting prospect. This e-book is filled with practical advice and tips to get you started and help you keep going.

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Research Ethics for your PhD

Dr Helen Kara

Published: June 2016

Research Ethics For Your PhDIf you are doing research with people or animals, you will have to engage with formal systems of ethical governance. Whether or not this is the case, you may have an interest in ensuring your doctoral research is ethical, or even be studying ethics itself. This e-book introduces the theory and practice of ethical research and outlines your options, from a tick-box approach to formal ethics to a fully integrated ethical approach to all stages of your doctoral research.

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Finishing Your PhD: What You Need To Know

Dr Helen Kara

Published: August 2016

Finishing Your PhDThe last few months before you submit your thesis or dissertation can be a feverish, panicky time. The advice in this e-book will help you keep a clear head and take one step at a time towards the finishing post. Some people drag out their final doctoral months into years. You don’t have to do that: use the practical tips and help in this book to finish your thesis or dissertation effectively and with minimal stress. Hundreds of thousands of people have walked this path before you. If they can do it, so can you – and this e-book shows you how.

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Self-Publishing for Academics

Dr Helen Kara and Dr Nathan Ryder

Published: May 2016

Self-Publishing For AcademicsThis book is for anyone who is considering self-publishing their academic writing. Its authors are Helen Kara (who has a cross-disciplinary PhD in social policy and management) and Nathan Ryder (who has a PhD in mathematics). Between us we have self-published several e-books for doctoral students, which you can find on Amazon, as well as zines and blogs. Self-publishing is full of challenges, particularly at first, so we have used our knowledge and experience to pack this e-book full of hints and tips, practical advice and resources. But self-publishing also has the potential to bring many rewards: bigger audiences for your work, increased income, even global acclaim. Of course we can’t guarantee those, but we can promise this e-book will show you the way.

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