writing-carol-burnsI write about research methods because I find them so fascinating!

If you come and tell me that music preferences in teenagers can be used to predict income levels in adulthood, I will be interested, but what I will most want to know is how you found that out. Making discoveries is a thrilling experience and I love to help people on their way to that ‘Aha!’ moment.

My work has been published in:

I have also had some fiction published, mostly short stories. More information about my writing can be found on my Amazon page and my Google Scholar page.

Selected reviews

Creative Research Methods: A Practical Guide

‘Thank goodness for Helen Kara’s work. Written in an easily accessible style, Kara tells it like it is and guides her readers beyond her own text to further reading and exploration. In terms of getting bang for one’s buck, this is exactly what a second edition should be – substantively re-worked from the first edition, with considerable new content and chapters.’ Sharon Inglis, Staffordshire University

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Publishing from your Doctoral Research: Create and Use a Publication Strategy

This book is excellent – one of those kind of practical ‘how-to’ books that I’ve long wanted. Janet Salmons and Helen Kara have provided researchers that will give them much to think about and practical steps to take … it’s an excellent source of advice for researchers both in academia and independent scholars at any stage of their career, not just newly qualified ones … It’s also a very readable, accessible book, free of academic jargon.’ Lina, UK

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Creative Research Methods in Education: Principles and Practices

‘A fascinating introduction to a wide range of creative research methods, from walking interviews to song, hip-hop and poetry. Through case studies illustrating real-life practice, this book enables the reader to think deeply about how to undertake appropriate research in their own context.’ Helen Lewis, Swansea University

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Research and Evaluation for Busy Students and Practitioners: A Time-Saving Guide

A must have for all who are just getting into research or who do research frequently. The exercises and feedback from those who shared with Kara, help affirm that the process of research and evaluation is worth the effort put into the process and her suggestions for keeping perspective throughout, so we can still have a life are essential for all researchers.’ The Qualitative Report

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Creative Writing for Social Research: A Practical Guide

A fantastic book, a polyvocal story and a guide to creative practice with great examples and exercises. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down! Essential reading for all social researchers and research methods students.’ Maggie O’Neill, University College Cork

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Research Ethics in the Real World: Euro-Western and Indigenous Perspectives

User friendly and at the same time accurate, thought provoking and thorough. Perfect for early stage graduate research students.’ Lia Levin, Tel Aviv University

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