Academic journal articles and book chapters

Academic Journal Articles








Book Chapters


  • Kara H. Ethics versus the law: The case of the Belfast project. In O’Mathúna D. and Iphofen R. (eds) Ethics, Integrity and Policymaking: The Value of the Case Study. Bristol: Policy Press.
  • Kara H. What is good evidence? In Iphofen R. (ed) Ethical Evidence-Based Policymaking. Berlin: Springer.



PhD Thesis

Chameleons In A Kaleidoscope: How It Feels To Work In Partnership As A Sure Start Manager (click to download, 1.3Mb PDF)

This is my PhD thesis, published in 2006. It offers a sharp critique of some of the destructive aspects of New Labour’s modernisation agenda, and an illuminating exploration of the emotional demands of managing development work with children and families in areas of deprivation. It contains information about a new method of data collection using storytelling, and demonstrates the enormous potential of this method to produce rich data about sensitive subjects. It also outlines an innovative method of data analysis using multiple coding frames, and gives a reflexive account of the PhD process written in a creative fictionalised style. The relationships between fact and fiction, truth and authenticity, and issues of partnership, identity, emotion and language, are explored in detail.