Book Giveaway!

This week I simply do not have time to write a post for you all. So I thought instead I’d run a 24-hour giveaway for my subscribers. Would you like to win a copy of one of my books? I’m offering a copy of my book on creative research methods – the new second edition – or, if you already have that (or if you prefer), the title of your choice from the Insider Guides to Success in Academia series that I’m co-editing with Pat Thomson.

If you already subscribe to this blog, hurrah, you’re eligible! If you don’t, the first thing you need to do is find ‘Follow Blog By Email’ (probably on the right of the screen if you’re on a laptop or tablet, at the bottom if you’re on a phone), put your email address in the box and click ‘Follow’.

(By the way, as far as I am concerned you are subscribers, not followers. I don’t mind having subscribers but I don’t like the idea of having followers because I’m not the Pied Piper or some kind of dodgy cult figurehead.)

So, OK, now you’re a subscriber, or maybe you already were; either way, hurrah. All you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment below telling me which book you would like if you win. Then in around 24 hours – that’s between 9.30 and 10 am BST on Friday 16 October 2020 – I will type out all the names in the same order as the comments, number them consecutively, and use this random number generator to select the winner. Then I will announce the winner here, they can give me their address through the contact form on this website, and I will send their book to wherever they are in the world.

Good luck!

This blog, and the monthly #CRMethodsChat on Twitter, is funded by my beloved patrons. It takes me at least one working day per month to post here each week and run the Twitterchat. At the time of writing I’m receiving funding from Patrons of $70 per month. If you think a day of my time is worth more than $70 – you can help! Ongoing support would be fantastic but you can also make a one-time donation through the PayPal button on this blog if that works better for you. Support from Patrons and donors also enables me to keep this blog ad-free. If you are not able to support me financially, please consider reviewing any of my books you have read – even a single-line review on Amazon or Goodreads is a huge help – or sharing a link to my work on social media. Thank you!

58 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!

  1. I would absolutely love to win one of your books Helen! I am new to the world of Doctorate study, and exploring creative research methods (so that book would be wonderful!). I am a subscriber to your posts and YouTube channel and you have helped immensely.

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  2. Hi Helen. Thanks for giving away these valuable books!
    I’m very interested to read ”Making It’ as a Contract Researcher: A Pragmatic Look at Precarious Work’. Thank you very much for your work! I am also following you on Twitter and Youtube.
    (Haekal from Indonesia)

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  3. Hi Helen, I would love to have a copy of: Making It’ as a Contract Researcher. A pragmatic look at precarious work. By Spina, Harris, Bailey and Goft. Thank You for this opportunity and also Thank You for your interesting blog. Best Regards Monika Janfelt

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    • Congratulations: you are the winner! Before you claim your prize, I want to clarify that the book you have chosen is about precarious work in academia, not about independent research like I do. If that is still the book you want, I will gladly send you a copy, but I want to give you a second chance to choose, to make sure you definitely get a book you want. Please email me your choice and address through the contact form on the website.


  4. Hi Helen

    This is my first comment on your posts. I find your posts insightful. Keep up the good work.

    I would love a copy of your book Creative Research Methods (second edition).

    Kind regards, Abdullah

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  5. Hi Helen. I’m happy the library at my university has a copy of the first edition of Creative Research Methods. For your generous giveaway, I would like to go for “Reframing and Rethinking Collaboration in Higher Education and Beyond” by Narelle Lemon and Janet Salmons.

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